Our business management software…

TRADER is the ultimate merchant software solution for business management, accounting and transaction processing. TRADER was designed specifically for use by:

  • Builders Merchants
  • Timber Merchants
  • Electrical Wholesalers
  • Decorators Merchants
  • Heating & Plumbing Merchants
  • DIY Outlets
  • Tool and Plant Hire
  • Engineering Firms
  • Manufacturers

TRADER has a number of unique features that help these types of businesses operate as efficiently and as profitably as it is possible for them to do. TRADER’s core functions are built around sales order processing, purchase order processing, stock control and accounting & business management.

In essence, TRADER addresses all the key issues facing owners and managers of merchant and wholesaler businesses today, including those who are increasingly selling to the public. To achieve this goal, it emulates all the operating procedures of a typical merchant/wholesaler, handling transactions with ease.

TRADER is different from other merchant software applications. TRADER was designed as a wholly-integrated transaction system, managing the business processes from Point of Sale to the Balance Sheet. This is in complete contrast to accounting systems which have had other modules grafted on.

The heart of any effective business system is immediate access to all the information about every aspect of your business – when you need it. All the key functions of running the business (customers, suppliers, stock, pricing, accounts, fast and easy point of sale, and communications) are linked. There is no need to refer to others or other systems. It is all there on your desktop in a single application.

What can TRADER do for your business?

01. Sales Order Processing

02. Purchase Order Processing

03. Stock Control

04. Accounting

05. Staff Management

06. In-depth Business Critical Reporting

07. Cash & Account Transactions

08. Profit, Loss & Margin Control

09. Enhance Customer Service

10. Complete Business Management

What immediate benefits can your business expect?

01. Improved Margins & Profitability

02. Increased Turnover

03. Reduced Debtor Delays

04. Significant Time-Saving

05. Management Control of Sensitive Data

06. Enhanced Customer Service

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