Professional Hardware & IT Support

Softec Ltd have many years of experience in installing and maintaining computer hardware and providing merchant, retailer and wholesaler IT support. We pride ourselves on the quality of equipment which we install, taking care to provide our clients with the most reliable products that we can find.

We source hardware most appropriate for the most efficient running of our business management computer systems and software. All the hardware we supply is obtained through preferred and trusted suppliers and competitively priced.

Your computer hardware is an investment. Softec Ltd are dedicated to making sure your investment gives you the greatest return possible without compromising your business efficiency or reliability.

What we can offer and support…

01. Single/Multi-processor Servers

02. Linux or Windows Platforms

03. SCSI RAID Storage

04. Back-up Drives & Processes

05. Network Infrastructures

06. PC Workstations

07. Point of Sale Terminals

08. Internet Connectivity

09. Printers (Dot-Matrix / Laser / Inkjet)

10. Ecommerce Connectivity / Integration

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